Sing A New Song!

Every time we come together we can expect God to do something new!

Weekly Worship Opportunities

Sunday AM @ 8:30 – Worship and Weekly Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

Sunday AM @ 10:30 – Worship and Musical leadership with our Choir

Sunday PM @ 7:00 – The Wesley Class Meeting (Classic Methodist Small Group Meeting)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday AM @ 6:00 / Wednesday AM @ 6:30 – Morning Prayer for our Community and Church

Wednesday AM @ 6:00 – Men’s Group Prayer and Devotion

Wednesday PM @ 2:00 (except the 4th Wed.) – Intercessory Prayer

Weekly Bible Studies

Monday PM – 5:30-7:00 Dinner Included

Wednesday AM – 9:00 – 10:30

Monthly Prayer & Healing Services

4th Thursday of the Month – 7:00 PM

Leading and taking responsibility

The transformational leadership conference is continuing for rev. Phil in Hershey, PA and here are some notes from one of the workshops regarding being leaders

We are the leaders and we need to take the responsibility to make a change within our church!
Loving those who you lead.

Earn it, don’t expect it.
Trust is based on competence

Give it like you hope to get it.
Respect, support, excitement

Admitting you don’t know is as important as showing what you know

Lead when you can and follow when asked

Be a team player not a team picker… Do not be divisive

Share the bounty but own the blame

Be patient not petty – there is no shortcut, it takes time.

If you can’t follow faithfully, leave lovingly

Developing a discipleship process

Another part of the conference is the practical aspect of how we intentionally develop a process for making disciples

So below are workshop notes for how we might develop a process at Queensbury

If we don’t have a plan, we are a part of the problem…
We are obstacles to discipleship if we don’t have a discipleship process

Trust and become
People show up in church because they are in pain…

Trust Christ
Saves them by faith
I can manage my life through Christ
I have comfort in my pain

Trust us:
Trust the church is the body of Christ
The church exists to become more like Jesus

Trust others:
I need other people
Other people need them

Trust programs:
Small groups
Care ministries

To become a partner in ministry:
Partnership = membership

Members or partners?
Membership v. Partnership
Imagine joining a gym – membership
Members have benefits and privileges
Membership implies exclusivity
Partners work together toward a goal
Partnership gives people ownership & investment
Partners assume 100% of the responsibility

Become a partner:
Weekend retreat to scope out whether to become a partner or not
Friday night trust – what does it mean to trust
Saturday morning become – serves as Confirmation for high schoolers

The word become is a process word

Becoming a worshiper
Becoming a community – really authentic mutual accountability (band meetings)
Becoming a missionary – serving, inviting, telling your story, telling His story

Covenantal commitment
Mutual accountability
Individual Input and feedback from pastors – partners’ goals
Joining Service

Become programs
Weekend worship
Home church
Leadership development
Partners executing “TRUST” programs for free resources

Remember, God has given us everything we need to make the change
God is aware of our limitations and is not surprised by them
What matters is our connection to God

Perhaps we need to have the mindset of being a church plant
Perhaps we need the mindset of volunteering, the giving, the excitement, the partnership

Each year is a church plant!

It’s time to vision boldly! See know love conference


HI there, this is Rev. Phil, reporting from the United Methodist Jurisdictional Conference in Hershey, PA called “See, Know, Love”… A conference on transformational leadership. The hope is to bring some fresh ideas and even stronger passion for making disciples of Jesus Christ in our town of Queensbury!

We’re first starting off with discussing with Fiona Haworth the concept of seeing with 20/20 vision

Being a visionary… What does that mean? How do we vision with energy and passion?

What’s our untapped potential? What could be? We think we know; we judge quickly

Continue reading

Children’s Choir

music-in-action-1411712-640x640Children’s Choir (grades K- 8)

Meet in the Sanctuary at 11:45 every Sunday to prepare for the next time the Children’s Choir offers their musical gifts during worship! Our Director of Music, Carol Ann Elze-Sussdorff leads this wonderful ensemble.

The Children’s Choir will sing in worship on 9/27, 10/25, 11/29

Sunday School

Sunday School During 10:30 Worship!

One of our Vision Implementation goals focuses on Children and Youth Ministries!

learning at church

Sunday School for grades Pre-K – 6

We’re excited for this year’s journey through the Bible using the scripture book curriculum called The Story!

We all begin upstairs in the Sanctuary for worship at 10:30. Following the Children’s Message, the children are invited to go downstairs to Sunday School.

Our dedicated teachers and our Director of Children’s Ministries, Kristen Lambiaso, will welcome and encourage your child to learn more about their Creator who loves them so very much!

A Prayer of Remembrance – Sept. 11th

Towers that scraped the sky
held souls too soon
returned to your full embrace
The World
The Republic
The Family (bless them all, O Prince of Peace)
still feels the void of violence
And so we pause in your presence, Heartbroken God; we join you in the heartbreak
We remember.


May our remembrance galvanize our resolve –
to risk saying “I love you” too much
to wager all we have on compassion
and to stake our virtue on the victory of being the first to forgive
We remember your children this day
And we ask with boldness to let the Light dispel the darkness once more.

Time to Go Deeper – The Wesley Class Meeting Begins Sunday Evening!

pl5125107-aqua_park_equipment_water_ride_surf_wave_pool_2_setsI want to experience God’s grace and feel God changing my life, my attitude, and my priorities. Can I get an “amen” on that? Sunday Morning Worship is a time of praise and thanks to God for God’s many blessings to us. Yet there is another practice that made Methodists… Methodists. There were meetings where the focus was on each person sharing how God was working to move them on to perfection. Each person shared how God delivered them, how God graced them, how God loved them through the week.

It’s time to revive this practice in the life of our church! Sunday Evenings at 7pm we will intentionally go deeper in our discipleship. Consider joining us for this deeply transformative experience. God will change our lives as we commit to sharing from the depths of our souls in a convenanting confidentiality.

Sundays at 7pm – Consider joining this small group

Youth Group Begins Sunday!

Our 9-12 grade church members meet every Sunday evening for dinner, fun, and discipleship from 5:30-7pm!

We meet this Sunday so encourage your 9-12 grade friends to join us!

We have some excellent plans created and we’d like to share them with you all – parents and youth on September 20th; join us for a potluck orientation evening!


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